In store Cave Aged Gruyere Sampling Friday & Saturday!

In store Cave Aged Gruyere Sampling Friday & Saturday!

Join us Friday February 26th & Saturday February 27th for a special Cave Aged Gruyere sampling!  

Giovanni will be cutting and sampling all day long, so swing by our deli to see the show!

The fruity-tangy Gruyère is a genuine classic among Swiss hard cheeses. There is a long history of cheese-making in the Gruyère region, first mentioned in documents dating back to 1115.

Attentive care and the ageing process in the sandstone caves of Kaltbach are what give KALTBACH Gruyère AOP its unmistakeable rustic brown patina. Maturing for at least 12 months, 3 months in the cheese dairy and for at least nine month in Kaltbach, turns KALTBACH Gruyère AOP into a very special cheese. This is evident from both its appearance and its substance: the crumbly body and the lingering after-taste without bitterness will win over any cheese-lover.

ProductSwiss hard cheese made from silo-free raw milk, specially cave-matured
FlavourStrong and harmonious, yet not at all salty or sharp
AssortimentWheel approx. 35 kg, bloc approx. 1 to 2 kg and portions of 250 g
Shape/dimensionRound/Height approx. 13 cm, diameter wheel approx. 65 cm
Fat contentMin. 49% fat in dry matter
Ageing periodAt least 12 months (3 months in the cheese dairy and at least 9 months in the cave)

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