Entertaining with Boards

Entertaining with Boards

Plates and wooden boards filled with cheeses, cured meats, garnished with herbs, nuts, dried and fresh fruits, take the stage at almost every gathering. Follow our guide to an elegant and well-balanced spread for any occasion. 

Cheese is the one thing that will always please your guests–even the most dairy intolerant make exceptions at this time of year. 

At De Luca’s, we believe the perfect spread is all about maintaining a level of lightness for your guests–to keep them eating yet not too full throughout the evening. This all comes down to balance in your cheese selection and in all of the qualities of the accompaniments. Whether building a simple cheese board or a full charcuterie spread, here’s our approach: 

When assembling a charcuterie board, stick with odd numbers, no more than 3 or 5 cheeses and 1 -2 meats. If you’re serving numerous guests, opt for getting more of a single item rather than adding more variety to the spread. This allows you to showcase a range in clear flavour and helps to manage the overall presentation and composition of your board. 

Pair cheese and cured meats with sweet accompaniments–seasonal fruits such as fresh or lightly grilled grapes, figs, or fresh oranges. Choose spreads and compotes that are more light and acidic than rich and sweet, like citrus jams, floral honeys, bitter dark chocolate with hints of candied ginger. textural components like pecans, walnuts and dried apricots and pears are always welcome additions.

For something extra special, try adding slices of panforte–it’s traditional in Italy and stunning when served with cheeses. You get nuts and honey all in one mouthful. It is adding those little touches to your cheese plate that gets people talking and makes it really memorable.

Come sample our selection of cheeses and meats at our deli–we would be happy to help make your charcuterie board a stunning centrepiece that your guests will absolutely love.

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